Golden Days – Stay at home studio

Was it just me… or was Golden Week 2021 the shortest Golden week ever? I called it “The Golden Days” and those days were spent at home. Usually, I would have planned something elaborate and crammed in as many outdoor activities and catch-up-coffee dates as possible. Alas, with COVID-19 still being a very real and ever looming threat, I kept myself indoors.

They say “The devil makes works of idols hands”, so with all that extra time and nowhere to go, I decided to finish some home improvement DIY projects I’d neglected or didn’t have the energy for before.

As many of you know, I am a musician. I started producing music for myself at the start of 2020. However, I was making music sitting on the floor hunched over a tiny foldable table. Not just for my back, but for my soul, I needed to really dedicate an area in my apartment to music making. With everything in Japan being so small and myself being 186cm on a bad day, I was on the search for a chair and desk for the vertically blessed… But, they were all so pricey and not very cute. For conscious reasons, I try my best not to use I prefer to support local businesses, plus I absolutely hate giving my money to greedy-guts Bezos. So, I decided to make them myself and upcycle/repurpose some things I already owned. I had a breakfast bar glass table that I never used, which had become home to my plant babies and miscellaneous shiny objects. I had an old wooden stall that was too big to fit under it and a rotating swivel white leather chair that was too small. After taking them apart, I surgically attached them together Frankenstein-style. Stained the white leather with a gorgeous vibrant red re-colorant that I had lying about. I moved my breakfast bar to my window facing the park across the road and set up shop there. There was a lot of trial and error when it came to attaching the stall legs to the chair base, I also broke nails in the process :(. But, after a day or two of testing out different methods, I had a real Eureka moment. Hazar!! Now I have a very snazzy new red revolving chair that is my size and a sturdy desk that is tall enough for me to work from standing or sitting.

I have been so inspired to make music since I set everything up, the space is so inviting. I am as happy as Larry with the results, my new home studio is looking awesome and sounding even better.
Golden Days indeed.