Menbaka Fire Ramen

Last weekend, I went to a ramen restaurant in Kyoto called Menbaka Fire Ramen (nearest station is Nijojo-mae Station) . I am a fan of eating foods that are hard and unusual to find, especially ramen.

Last weekend I ate Fire Ramen (yes, a ramen with fire on it). It’s a good restaurant.I guess the only downside was the waiting time which was about 30 minutes. So I took my waiting ticket and went to the convenience store to buy some snacks to eat. This helped me kill time. 30 minutes felt like 10 minutes. Then I finally went into the restaurant! There were so many rules to follow before eating the ramen such as tying my apron and putting my hands behind my back (as if I was being handcuffed). It was so hot to eat but I wanted to challenge myself. It was fun, I recommend to anyone going to Kyoto for the weekend. For my next journey I might go to the ramen festival.

Here’s the information for the other ramen restaurants I like: Blue Ramen (Kipposhi-in Shibuya, Tokyo) Black Ramen (Kihachi (Toyama Black)-in Toyama) Extra Extra Large Ramen (Yarou Ramen-in Shibuya, Tokyo).

By Efe