Spring in Vancouver

With the weather warming up in Osaka it’s beginning to feel like spring is around the corner.
Spring is my favourite time in Japan for a number of reasons. Among the top reasons are the cherry blossoms, the amazing weather being not too cold or too hot, and of course my favourite reason the start of the BASEBALL SEASON! Spring is also a nostalgic season for me since I first came to Japan in the spring of 2017. It’s hard to believe for me that this spring I will be in Japan for four years.

My hometown Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia Canada, is also an incredible place in spring. The weather is almost perfect in spring. It’s nice and warm in the city while still cold enough in the mountains for snowboarding. We have a famous thing in Vancouver which we call the spring triathlon. The spring triathlon is where you wake up early and play golf in the morning, then go snowboarding in the afternoon, and finish the day with a barbecue on the beach in the evening. I know it seems almost impossible to do this in one day in the same city but this is actually something people do every year. I’ve completed the triathlon myself a number of times.

Vancouver is also special in the spring because of the cherry blossoms. Yes that’s right you read that correctly. Vancouver is home to thousands of Japanese cherry trees. These trees were imported from Japan over a 100 years ago. Most Japanese people don’t believe me when I tell them we have the same cherry blossoms in Vancouver. The trees usually blossom a few weeks later than the ones in Osaka due to the slightly colder temperatures in Vancouver. If you ever plan to visit Vancouver I highly recommend spring. Perhaps you can try the Vancouver spring triathlon and enjoy haname outside of Japan.