Taking Care Of Your Hair

Hello all students! This is your teacher Hannah! Do you remember me? I’m from Australia! Did you know that in Australia we call ‘breakfast’, ‘brekkie’? I betcha didn’t!

Today I’d like to make a little blog post about something very dear to me, and that is taking good careful care of your gorgeous hair!

When I sit in my classrooms and wait for my students to answer (which, depending on their level, can sometimes take quite some time), I find myself observing my students’ magnificent scalps and glorious locks.This always leads me to reach the very same conclusion: I think that people here in Osaka wash their hair way too often! If not too often, than at least with products that are much too harsh!

Many of the students I see have split hairs, or color-damaged hair, or spots where I can still see all the chemical residue left by all the rough shampoo and conditioner! Eek! (Sometimes, in rare cases, I can even see a combination of all three!)

Would you do me a favor and try to wash your hair a little less often? Hopefully only once a month, but if that’s impossible for you, than at least once every two days instead of once every day like you normally do.

Every time you wash your hair, did you know that you also wash away very essential oils that are (albeit a little odorous) really ESSENTIAL for your hair. That’s why they’re called ‘essential’

Just consider that for a minute.What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments.

By Hannah