Country of Origin: Australia
I'm into power lifting, video games, and eating gyoza


My story

I first came to Japan on an internship program through my university where I lived and worked In Tokyo. In my spare time I travelled all around Japan visiting everywhere from Okinawa to Otaru, and of course Osaka! I fell in love with Japan, especially Osaka with its friendly people and delicious food. When I went back to my hometown of Perth, Australia I graduated University. Then within 3 months I was back in Japan!

I love Japan’s culture of respect, routine and stability I’m super organised and love that many people in japan share my habits of efficiency and punctuality. I’m especially impressed with the delivery speeds of my online shopping. In Australia if I received a package within a fortnight I was impressed!

When I’m not working or studying Japanese, you can bet I will be in the Gym! Another one of my passions is the very little-known sport of Powerlifting! In fact, the 14-time world bench press champion lives right here in Osaka!

I’m always working toward self-improvement whether it’s improving my lifts in the gym or learning new things about Japanese language and culture, so I hope I can help you guys do the same! If you ever have any questions please have a chat with me if you see me around OEC!