Country of Origin: United States
I'm into history, reading, and watching movies


My story

Hi everyone!  My name is Gerard.  I’m from Durham, North Carolina in the USA.  
Do you know Duke University?  It is a famous school from my hometown.  I earned a master’s degree in teaching from there.  I was a high school history teacher in Washington, DC before coming to Japan.  If you like history, I could talk with you about history for hours.  If you don’t, maybe I could convince you to like the stories history provides.  I don’t like memorizing names and dates, but I think learning lessons from history is important.

I Came To Japan Over 5 Years Ago.   I Thought I Would Stay For About A Year And A Half And Return To Teaching In America. However, I Fell In Love With Japan And Decided I Wanted To Stay Longer. In My First Week Here, I remember being scared to cross the street from the opposite side of the street and I joked with my friends that “I might die in Japan.” Now, I am thinking that I might really die in japan, but, because I could retire here. I truly feel at home here.         


I Am Excited To Be At OEC!   All The Teachers And Staff Make Me Feel Comfortable. I Am Enjoying All Of The Conversations With The Students. The Days Fly By Because Each Lesson Is Fun To Teach. Often, The Students End Up Teaching Me And I feel like the student. It seems that each conversation is too quickly, but the next students are waiting for their lessons, so we have to stop the conversation. If I have already met you, it was nice meeting you and I enjoyed our conversation . If We Have Not Met, I’M Excited To Meet You.          
Either way, I look forward to speaking with you!