Country of Origin: United States
I'm into playing piano, reading, and coffee


My story

Hello everyone!

I came to Japan in 2016 after working a series of odd jobs, the best of which was being a barista. I always had an interest in Japan in terms of anime, video games and literature but what finally sold me on the idea of living there was the coffee culture here. I used to watch hours of “how-to” videos, trying to perfect my latte art, and though I was good, I was never as good as the people in the videos. Then I noticed a trend. Most of the videos I was studying and sharing with my friends were from Japanese cafes, and this got me thinking…who are these people? So I started researching ways I could get here without breaking the bank. A friend of mine had been living in Shiga working as an ALT, and told me to apply so I did just that and flew over.

Japan has made an amazing home for me. Everything from the coffee to the temples to the many weird and tricky cultural differences have made this random decision of mine feel like fate, for lack of a better word. Thanks to any of you responsible for my new okonomiyaki obsession. You are loved!

One of my favorite things here is a good story, whether it’s a bit of gossip, a flashback to some horrible trip somewhere, or even a NHK article you want to rant about. Osaka is like a treasure of funny misadventures and I’m all ears. Well, that’s part of my story. Please come in and share yours.