Country of Origin: United States
I'm into acrobatics, philosophy, and video games.


My story

I started learning French when I was in high school and I really enjoyed learning a new language and leaning about a new culture and country. However, French was not a particularly hard language to learn because I grew up speaking Spanish. Spanish and French are Latin based languages so they are very similar. So I decided I wanted to learn a new language. My great grandfather is Chinese and my grandfather practices and studies Judo, so I had a lot of Asian influence as I was growing up.
> I decided I wanted to study Chinese at first but then I realized that without a teacher to practice learning the pronunciation it was going to be too difficult. So I went for the net best thing and started studying Japanese. I would later end up learning that Japanese is a much harder language than Chinese. At first I thought Japanese was easier because the of the pronunciation. The vowels in Japanese are the same as Spanish so I figured that would give me a good head start. I later realized that between the different readings for kanji and the incredibly confusing particles, Japanese was and still is one of the hardest languages for me to learn.
> You might be wondering what brought me to Japan. I think after studying Judo and studying Japanese I started learning about the country and how the people think and feel. One of the things I read about was how how Japanese didn’t really like English and that most were afraid of it. This was my reason for coming to Japan; it made me sad to think that people would fear learning about a new language or new culture. I wanted to come to Japan to teach English and help Japanese student realize that learning a new language and learning about different cultures is something extremely fun and exciting.
> So I graduated my university with an associates degree in foreign languages, and a bachelors degree in Asian studies. While I was a university student I studied abroad at Ritsumeikan university in Kyoto for 6 months. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. After graduating I came straight to Japan and started teaching English at both high schools and junior high schools as well as Eikaiwa’s. I love talking to Japanese people and hearing their opinions and trying to view the world through their eyes. I have learned a lot in the last couple of year that I have lived in Japan. It is definitely one of the most interesting countries that I have ever been too. I hope I get chance to explore as much of Japan as I can in the future.

My story(和訳)