Country of Origin: United Kingdom
I'm into cooking, photography and playing video games


My story

Hey everyone,

Growing up I heard a lot about Japan through my dad. He was always watching old Japanese movies and had a huge collection of ornaments from the country. My first visit to Japan was 6 years ago. I had never been to another country before, so when my dad asked me to come with him I jumped at the chance. We came to Osaka because it serves as a good central hub for the Kansai region. Staying in Osaka you can easily get to Kobe, Nara, Kyoto so it was very convenient for us.

Move along 2 years and I had enrolled in University studying English Linguistics and Japanese. My first trip to Japan had so much of an impact on me that I had decided it was my life goal to become an English teacher and live in Osaka. For part of my University course I studied abroad at Hannan University (阪南大学) and had a blast. Being a student meant I didn’t have too much money but I always made sure to treat myself to a Sushiro at least once a week. Upon returning to England I worked various retail jobs in order to save enough money to get a working holiday visa to come back to Japan.

Now in Osaka life is great, and I finally feel settled. I like to make sure I cook a few times a week, but the temptation of McDonald’s still haunts me now and again. In my spare time I like to relax and play online video games with my friends back home in England. Sometimes I also like to go somewhere with my camera and spend the day out taking photos for Instagram. Nightlife in Osaka is great but nowadays I don’t really drink too much. I’m an old man now so alcohol gives me a really bad hangover!

I look forward to talking to you all at OEC!