Country of Origin: United States
I'm into playing with my kid, karate, and MMA.


My story

A pleasure to meet you! My name is Lex and I am an English instructor for O.E.C. Akashi school located near Okubo station. I first came to Japan 20 years ago while stationed in South Korea for the U.S. Army. During my brief visit I became extremely impressed with the people, culture, and language. Japan has a very unique blend of history and advancement co-existing side by side seamlessly. The country is definitely one of a kind. I am originally from the United States and to the benefit of my own comfort, Japan has similarities to my home town of Chicago, Illinois. These include public transportation, night life, and 24 hour convenient stores just to name a few.

As far as hobbies are concerned, being a single father of a ten year old boy limits my time for individual activity, but to Japans credit there are tons of things my son and I can do together. We enjoy hiking, paying are respects to any shrine we come across, eating out, going to the movies, Karate and visiting interesting locations like Enoshima, and Nara. Sometimes, just going to the convenient store can be an adventure. Family and friends back home have this impression that Japan is weird and zany. Although I find water bottles to deter cats a bit loony, Japan is not that much different than any other country I have been to. My son truly gets a kick out of the cats that seem to be everywhere.

We have also created wonderful friendships here in Japan. Friendships that seem more like family than acquaintances. The people of Japan have been very gracious and helpful to my son and I. We both hope to be positive influences on the country and wish to contribute to a place that has given us so much. My goal is to be a very fun and effective teacher. I hope that my current and future students will enjoy their learning experience with me and continue their journey to perfect the English language so that they may open up a whole new world to communicate in.

My story(和訳)