Country of Origin: United Kingdom
I'm into cooking, swimming, and photography.


My story

Hello OEC students!

A pleasure to meet you. I’m Matthew from the UK. Although luckily I have passports for two countries, as my mother is an Irish citizen.

I first started working as an English teacher back in 2009, taking part in a cultural exchange program in South Korea. This was my first taste of living in a foreign land. Since then I’ve used my career path to live in a further 7 countries and travel in countless others. As you all know, English opens up the whole world.

Whilst working in Australia, I had some wonderful Japanese students and friends, which inspired me to make Japan the next stop on my international journey.

I’ve just been in Japan for a short time, and visited Hokkaido previously on holiday (vacation for the US English speakers). I love the contrast between the hectic, busy city life and the peaceful and mellow countryside. It’s great to have the chance to try some unique new foods, most of which are not available or are unheard of back home.

I’ll be looking forward to meeting you in the near future. My number one piece of advice about learning English is to ask lots of questions. If you are ever unsure about something, I’ll always be happy to help. And if you never ask… you’ll never know!