Country of Origin: United Kingdom
I'm into football, video games, and making people laugh.


My story

One typically rainy evening in Manchester, I was taking the bus home from work. I was reading a fantasy-novel (which had been part of my regular Monday-Friday routine), when it occurred to me that I had not seen my oldest brother in almost 5 years – he was currently “living-it-large” in Osaka, Japan. I was particularly tired that evening, so the novel I was reading was evidently inflecting melancholic delusions and “what if…?” type of questions:

 What if I move to Japan? I could see my brother more…

What if I move to Japan, could I live-it-large?

What if I move to Japan? I could finally experience decent weather!

I had an inkling that this [moving to Japan] could be a possibility for me because I studied Japanese for 3 years previously with the intention that I could merely visit my brother. After careful consideration over the coming weeks, I decided I should try a teaching course (TEFL) and see whether teaching English was a worthwhile change in occupation. I loved teaching from the get-go! It enabled be focus elements of my personality into something challenging and fun!

Months later, after considerable hard-work and graft; and a considerable amount of money saved- I was able to achieve my most recent dream…

…I have now been living in Japan for 9 months and counting. It is everything I imagined it would be that one typically rainy evening Manchester. I can see my brother more, as we both work here at O.E.C! I am living it large! And the weather is drastically more comforting and enjoyable than Manchester!

Embarking on a teaching career at this point in my life, is one of the few well-considered decisions I have made in my life! The students at O.E.C are lovely and have real passion for learning English. Finally, there is a great sense of community here at O.E.C; from the students, teachers to the secretaries (most days do not feel like work!).

I hope to continue teaching people in some capacity long into the future! Thank you!