出身国: オーストラリア
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I have been traveling to Japan since 2016. Since that first solo trip to Japan in 2016 I instantly fell in love with this beautiful country and have since travelled to Japan on holidays for a total of seven times!!

The first time I came to Japan was on a whim; I bought my tickets and left two days later with no plans. My first time coming to Japan was very liberating and really opened my mind to new things! It was a big learning experience. As I traveled more I became exposed to lots of different people, cultures, values and behaviors. Japan has had the biggest impact on my life and really helped me change and grow into the person I am today.

Some of the things I have come to love about Japan; the amazing food, bathing in an Onsen, The convenience of convenience stores, the magic of Purikura and the best for last the toilets. I rarely if ever look forward to using a toilet, but Japanese toilets are an exception.

I have made the move to live in Japan from April 2019 after becoming engaged to my Japanese fiancée. We were living together in Australia, Perth for over a year and decided that Japan should be our new home. So far life in Japan has been great and I’m looking forward to many more years living in here.

Teaching at OEC has been a great way to meet many new interesting people and learn so much about Japan and culture. I look forward to meeting you all in lessons soon!!



My Story(日本語)