出身国: シリア
担当言語: 英語 . アラビア語

My Story(英語)

Hello everyone!
I’m Ghazal, I’m half Syrian and half Greek.
I studied classical music and archaeology and then found a career as a harp player alongside teaching English and translating documentaries.
Japan was really fascinating for me since as long I could remember. I have always been
in love with Japan and Japanese culture. I grew up watching anime, then I
was introduced to Japanese language and it became a part of my life naturally,
that almost every research I did in college was related to Japanese language or
Japanese culture!
Living and studying in Japan became the ultimate goal for me. Eventually, I came to Japan in October with my cat! And now I’m studying Japanese at a
language school in Kobe.
Working at OEC is a great fit for me because I would have the opportunity to
talk to many people and share cultures.
Looking forward to meeting you all!



My Story(日本語)