出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Hello everyone,
I’m Anthony, and I’m from the US of A. I’ve been traveling to and from Japan for over 20 years plus… I enjoy living and working here in Japan, as it has become my second home.

Over the years, I have traveled from Sapporo to Okinawa, and various prefectures and islands in between, and still, to this day I continue to discover new and exciting things about the culture and traditions of this beautiful country.

I first came to Japan as a musician working for several clubs in Tokyo, which was both a culture shock and exciting, at the same time. Through my business and art of music, I have made many life-long friends and relationships, which is very special to me.
I look forward to working with each student at O.E.C., All the teachers and staff at O.E.C. wish to make each student’s experience a great experience.

I personally look forward to helping the student, him/her reach their full potential and achieve their goals and watch their growth in learning the English language.



My Story(日本語)

20年以上前、東京のいくつかのクラブでミュージシャンとして初めて来日しました。 カルチャーショックでしたが、とても刺激的でした。OECで働いて以来、たくさんの友達ができました。 音楽の話が大好きです。 好きな音楽を教えてください!