出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Country of Origin: United States

I'm into portrait photography, DJing, and traveling.

I am happy to be a teacher for OEC. I've been living in Osaka since 2011. My reason for coming to Japan was to experience life in a new country. I have always been interested in Japan since I was kid watching anime and reading about geisha. I realized after my first few years here that I really enjoyed living in Osaka and that I didn't want to move back to the US. Strange I know but I feel comfortable living here.

Although I am from New York, I am not from the city. New York is a fun city to visit but living there is too expensive for me. My family is from Grenada and Barbados. Many people may not know where those two countries are but they are kind of close to Jamaica. As a kid I traveled to Grenada many times and experience island life. One summer I even stayed there without my family, just family friends. That is where I got my travel fever from.

After a year of studying Japanese on my own in NY I decided to take the plunge in living in Japan on my own. A lot of people called me brave for doing this but I had experience traveling alone and saw no problem.

I have many interests but for sure I love photography and taking photos of people. Recently, I started DJing and playing at small events. I love music because I love to dance. My favorite genres are afro beats, R&B, and Afro house. I am a very visual person who is also sensitive to vibes/vibrations. Therefore, photography and Djing makes sense to me. I hope to take some cool photos of everyone during one of the social events.

I hope you have fun and learn a lot in my lessons. Feel free to ask me questions about New York and Grenada.

Thank you for reading my story.



My Story(日本語)