出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

What’s up everybody! I have been living in Japan for only 8 months so far. I came here to be with my wife who is from Brazil. I speak English, Portuguese and I am still a beginner in Japanese. I can certainly relate to the struggles in language learning, but I find it very rewarding and interesting also. You don’t just learn to speak. You learn a culture and a different way of thinking also.
I have done a bit of traveling while here in Japan, but I hope to visit more places still. My favorite hobby is snowboarding so I hope to hit many of the big slopes in Nagano and Hokkaido. If you have any resort recommendations for me I would love to hear them! I also like visiting onsens and camping. My favorite onsen so far is Spa World right here in Osaka.
One of my favorite things about Japan is that there is always so much to do. If I get tired of the nightlife, I can go to Round 1, and if I get tired of being outdoors, there are many beautiful parks and hiking trails. If I find myself bored of everything else in Osaka, I can go always go somewhere to eat great food.
I have an awesome time working here at O.E.C., and I like having the opportunity to meet and speak with so many different people. I learn a lot from my students and other teachers. This place offers so many great connections with other cultures. I hope we have the opportunity to meet so we can improve your English and so that we can both learn new things together through English conversation!



My Story(日本語)