出身国: オーストラリア
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I came to Japan 1 year ago after I got married. I came to Japan to learn about the modern and the traditional Japanese people and culture.

I first became curious about Japan when I was six years old. How? I was looking at a child’s picture book called Urashima Taro. I have enjoyed traveling to Tokyo, Himeji, Eastern Okiyama and Tottori during my first year in Japan as well as enjoying many unique Japanese local foods! This December I want to eat Fugu Nabe! I really love the food here in Japan! In Australia if you buy sashimi its taste is very bland or plain. But sashimi in Japan tastes the best! Japanese Ramen and Karage are the best in the world!

I’m a video gamer, I love Science, Philosophy, Whiskey, Beer, Japanese Anime and Manga……. so yes I’m otaku….. but unlike many otaku always smell nice! ^_^

I hope to stay in Japan permanently because I feel very comfortable and at-home in Japan.

My first year has been great and everyone I’ve met has been AWESOME! I’m looking-forward many more years teaching English and exploring Japan!

I believe in the University of Life where you’re always a student and you never graduate, you just keep learning. Come to OEC and learn with me! I can teach you: how to speak native English, about Australian culture and A WHOLE LOT MORE!

Blue (Simon Allingham)



My Story(日本語)

Blue (Simon Allingham)



私はテレビゲームが大好きな人です。科学、哲学、ウィスキー、ビール、日本のアニメと漫画が大好きです。したがって、おたくですけどね、大勢のおたくと違っていつも良い匂いします! ^_^