出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I love music. I love dancing. And, I loooove singing.

I grew up in London and worked in the music and events industry for a long time. Then I signed to Island Universal as front women of a disco-funk inspired all female band called “Juce!”. We released some music, we toured England and the US. And when things came to an end in Texas, I decided to move to Hawaii. I was managing a Jazz Club and performing around Honolulu.

For the first three months of me being in Japan I was a long term student-volunteer at a Vipassana meditation centre in Chiba and Kyoto. As well as it being a technique of meditation that leads to full inner peace and happiness, it`s a very introspective process that led me to the conclusion that I want to serve others. All my work should be for the benefit of others. I came to Japan with the intention of learning Japanese fluently. I also love to help people reach their goals, discover their strengths and fulfill their full potentials. With that in mind, being the student and becoming a teacher seemed to go hand in hand.

People have asked me “Why do you want to live in Japan?” and my response is simply this “It`s the closest thing to living on another planet. And I love it!”. Naturally, it felt like the next step and fitting new adventure after living in Hawaii. Japan has always appealed to me because of it`s love of good music, authenticity and originality. It`s cultural inquisitiness and love of all things new. For every genre around the world, you can bet there will be a Japanese fan base. The record shops are plenty and there is something for everyone here. And the food… The food is out of this world.



My Story(日本語)