出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I was born and bred in central London. After gaining my Psychology BSc at the University of Manchester, I worked in the music and events industry. My previous positions have been everything from artist liason and events/stage management at music festivals, to live stream radio production. I signed a record deal with Island Universal 2013 as front women/lead vocalist of a disco-funk inspired all female band called “Juce!”. We released some music, we toured England and the US. And when things came to an end in Texas, I decided to move to Hawaii… which was extremely eventful. I spent three years in paradise, mentoring young musicians, managing a Jazz Club and performing live around Honolulu.
I first came to Japan in February 2018. For the first three and a half months, I was living as a long term student-volunteer at a Vipassana Meditation Centre in Chiba and Kyoto. As well as it being a truly life changing experience, this particular technique of meditation leads to full inner peace and happiness, it`s a very introspective process that led me to the conclusion that I wanted to serve others. My trade and purpose should be for the benefit of others. I love to help people reach their goals, empower them to discover their strengths and fulfill their full potentials. I have the same ethos for the music and poetry I write. I came to Japan with the intention of learning Japanese fluently, ideally so I can write Japanese songs and speak with a strong Osaka-Ben accent. Keeping all the above in mind, being the student and becoming a teacher seemed to go hand in hand.
People have asked me “Why do you want to live in Japan?” and my response is simply that it makes me very happy. Every day is different, so colorful, full of awesome new experiences and wonderful discoveries. Naturally, Japan felt like the next step and fitting new adventure after living in Hawaii. There is so much beauty in the countryside. I adore the peaceful shrines on every corner. And with so many hidden gems in the city, Nippon is the eyegasm that keeps on giving. Ultimately, Japan has always appealed to me because of its various underground scenes and sub-cultures, the love of good music, authenticity and originality. Japan has a cultural inquisitiveness and love of all things new. For every artistic movement and musical genre from around the world, you can bet there will be a Japanese fan base. Excellent record stores are plenty. People are so kind. And of course the food… The food is out of this world. I`m very happy to be calling Osaka home for the foreseeable future. I look forward to meeting you in person and finding out about all of your interests. Until then, you’ll find me getting the party started and hosting all seasonal gatherings and O.E.C. events.



My Story(日本語)