出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

My first true experience with japan was when I went on vacation last year for a 10 day trip to
Japan. Living in California, we had a lot of Asian influence where I lived, but besides a few sushi
restaurants and the occasional classic anime on TV, I didn’t know much about Japanese culture.
Armed with a JR Pass, a duffle bag, and some money I set out traveling the country. Those ten
days were some of the best I ever had; climbing Mount Fuji, visiting the Fushimi-Inari shine in
Kyoto, and visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. While I was waiting at the airport to return
home, I thought to myself that I needed to visit here again, but the more I thought the more I
realized that I wanted more than to visit again, I wanted to live here. That’s when I decided that at
no matter what, I was going to find a way to live in Japan.

Now I have been living in Japan for about 6 months, attending a Japanese Language school while
of course working at OEC. I won’t lie, it was difficult when I first arrived, the culture shocked hit me like a brick wall. Insignificant tasks what I would breeze by back home were monstrous challenges
that required all my attention. But like everything overtime it got easier and easier and know I
found myself where I am very comfortable. I want to start doing things that I did as hobbies back
in California, such as golfing and traveling. I was pleasantly surprised to find the amount of people
who enjoy golfing as much as I do and with Japan being so close to many other countries it’s nice
being able to travel to other places and not being ocean-locked in America.

I look cant wait to meet all of you at OEC. I thoroughly enjoying teaching English and I love seeing
you all improve your English.



My Story(日本語)