出身国: アメリカ・ カナダ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Hi Everyone,
I was born in a village you have probably never heard of, Uranium City, SK, population 73. A true northern lifestyle, woodfire heated home, winters spent wishing for summer, and summers spent canoeing and fishing. Then we moved to Costa Rica for a year to learn Spanish, so we could move to Venezuela. That didn’t work out very well. So we went back to Canada, then the US, and then Canada. All that to say, I don’t have anywhere to call home which makes me the perfect expat.

Truth is, coming to Japan was a bit of a fluke. I was never interested in Anime, or Japanese movies, and I never met Japanese people in any of the villages or cities I’ve lived in....weird. So the reason I’m here is because I met a girl as crazy as me. She could have been from any country, but as fate would have it, she was Japanese. So here I am, 8000km from home. Luckily, I enjoy it here.

I like doing everything. If I haven’t done it then I’m willing to try it, an attitude that has gotten me into trouble a couple of times! Specific interests are, reading, video games, movies, all sports except for hockey, and drinking. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the students during my time here at O.E.C!



My Story(日本語)