出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

In 2014, I was in my last year at Liverpool John Moores University, studying Art History. I wanted a break from the UK, so I decided to travel somewhere interesting. I thought about New York, Italy or Japan, but finally settled on Japan. In 2005, I started working in Kobe on the JET program, as an assisstant teacher. After JET I needed a break from children (!) and decided to start work at a very small English school in Sannomiya, similar to OEC. I loved chatting with the students in a relaxed environment and helping with their English skills, but i eventually had to move on. For a while, I taught lots of kids again (lots and lots of kids) – teaching English through playing games. I learned that kids were less terrifying than I thought (especially the tiny ones, who I warmed to very much). But, I missed talking with Japanese adults and eventually came to work at OEC, where I feel very comfortable.

In my second year in Japan, I met a Japanese lady (my Japanese teacher at my KICC classes in Kobe – although my Japanese is still dreadful, but not her fault). We got married a mere 6 years later. I’ve spent a wonderful time in Japan, seeing the sights and eating in Japanese restaurants. Students are often surprised that my favourite city is Nara, rather than Kyoto. But Nara is so green and relaxing. I feel peaceful in Nara.

My taste in food has expanded here in Japan. I like trying new foods, although I’m still quite suspicious of uni. I wouldn’t even touch tofu before I arrived here. My favourite Japanese foods are Nabe, tempura and taco rice (it’s from Okinawa – and delicious!!). My favourite thing in Japan is Joshua Leon Bath-Tamaki, my son, who was born a year and a half ago. He never fails to make me laugh!

Best moment: The birth of my son, at the hospital on Port Island. Also, my marriage in Bali. (Also) also, relaxing in an outside onsen in Hokkaido, while snow drifted down and dissapeared over the hot water.

Worst moment: Friends coming and going so often. Moving back to their home countries and so many goodbyes.



My Story(日本語)


日本での滞在の2年目に日本人の女性と出会いました(神戸にあるKICCで日本語を教えてくれた先生 - 私は日本語がまだまだですけど、彼女が何も悪くない!)。たったの6年後に結婚をしました。様々な観光地などをみたり、和食を食べたりして、日本での時間が素晴らしかったです。京都より一番好きな都市とは奈良だということに生徒さんがよく驚いてくれます。奈良がなんだか緑色で落ち着くのです。奈良で穏やかさが感じられます。