出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語


My Story(英語)

Have you seen the movie Forrest Gump? I have seen it over 10 times .

My favorite part of the movie is when Forrest Gump said “Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Haruki Murakami also wrote “Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates.” … “You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like as much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. “Now I just have to polish these off, and everything ‘ll be OK.’ Life is a box of chocolates.”

I think “Life in Japan is like a box of assorted chocolates. “you never know what will happen tomorrow . Life is unpredictable and exciting .

Before I came to Japan I was a chef in a Japanese restaurant in London. Most of my coworkers and friends were Japanese and recommended I visited Japan to learn more about Japanese food and culture. I took a 2 – week holiday came to Osaka .

I was so impressed with Japan , I fell in love with it and I have been here since. I have been in Japan most of my adult life.

Why do I love Japan? It is really simple. Japan is an enigma, it is full of paradoxes.

Japan has four clear cut seasons. We can enjoy what nature brings with each season . There is something unique about each season . From cherry blossoms in spring , delicious seasonal foods and predictable temperatures but paradoxically the most stable of the elements , the earth beneath our feet which gives us a lot of joy also causes a lot of pain and destruction. I was fascinated by the first earthquake i experienced in Japan. It was awesome then the Tohoku earthquake hit .Now I am of two minds about nature . It brings joy and pain .

In the UK, Japan is famous for excellent technology . Even the toilets are mechanized and People pay for drinks from vending machines that communicate with you .

However most British people think Japanese people are very conservative, usually wear kimono , eat sushi almost every day and have a samurai lifestyle . Japanese have swords and commit Harikiri .

Of course some of these stereotypes are not true .I was disappointed when I first arrived in Osaka.

On the train from the airport I saw high school girls in miniskirts. I even saw a cross dresser wearing a mini skirt but no kimonos , ninjas or samurais. It wasn`t the Japan I expected. But come summer and i was happy .It was great. Both men and women were proudly dressed in yukata off to firework and other summer festivals . I even met a ninja who spoke English in Mie . Maybe he was a time traveler .

Most people say, including Japanese people ,that Japanese are shy and introverted so it is surprising to see how xenophilic and hospitable Osakans are. Osakans always seemed to want to get you talking. Many questions .“ kore wa sogoi nai ”? , “Oshiso na ?” , “Fujisan Kirei na ?.

Sometimes i didn’t know if they expected me to answer with a sentence or just say “na “ too .

Just 2 days after I arrived in Osaka, I had one of the strangest experiences in my life. A chambermaid In my hotel who was around 60 years old knocked and burst into my room . I was shocked .Amazingly she had a conversation with me for about 15 minutes even though I was totally naked . She kept asking me how I felt about Japan and what I had seen . I just kept saying “simemasen, nihon dekenai “but she just kept talking anyway. It was hilarious.

Most people think Japanese people work too hard and have no time off to enjoy .Even though Japanese work really long hours and life can really be stressful , Japanese enjoy more hobbies than any other people I know in the world. Japanese are the only people I know who travel very long distances to enjoy food and a hot spring . I think Japanese favourite past time is eating “Oishī gohan “

Japan has more national holidays than most countries .With the exception of June, Japan has at least a national Holiday every month so we often have a long weekend to enjoy.

Because Japan has many national holidays , I have more time off work in Japan than i had in England . This is good because i can enjoy every month and the traditions associated with the holiday . This also makes time fly. A year passes by more quickly in Japan than in the UK.

I love Japan and miss it every time i am away from here .If i ever leave Japan , i will miss the festivals ,the language ,the great customer service and the honesty of the people here .

5 years ago i went to Yodobashi camera to buy a DVD player . I ended up having a fight with the sales man .

He said the DVD player wasn’t good for me so he didn’t want me to buy it . I tried to convince him to sell it to me the DVD player whilst he tried to convince me not to buy it . Sogoi na ! Amazingly Japan .


My Story(日本語)