出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

After graduating from university in November 2015, I came to Japan for the first time as a tourist for 6 weeks in December 2015 during the Christmas period. Then I came back again in June 2016 for 3 months as a tourist. Then I came to Japan for work on 14th February 2017 and have been living here ever since. During my time in Japan I travelled to 28 prefectures, my plan is to visit all 47.

My reason I decided to come to Japan was because many years ago, before I started studying Japanese, I used to listen to a lot of Japanese music and watch Japanese dramas, ever since then I gradually felt like coming to Japan.

I moved to Osaka in March 2018 and applied to OEC to meet lots of Japanese people and speak English. But before I moved here, I was living in Kanagawa for 1 year. What pushed me to move to Osaka was due to coming here many times as a tourist and during my days off work. Also, I am a big eater so when I go to a restaurant, quantity and cost is very important for me, Osaka provides me both. My favourite restaurant here is called Kushikatsu Yokozuna in Umeda and I really like the KFC Buffet Restaurant (that is rare, even in Japan, there is only 2 of them are they are both in Osaka). I really like Agepan, Yakisoba and Omusoba. I can eat 10 pieces of Agepan at an Izayaka school-themed restaurant called “Rokunen Yonkumi”. If you have suggestions of other large food quantity restaurant in Kansai, please let me know. Thank you.

I know English is difficult, which is why even so it is important to never give up, make the mistakes, I will correct them and repeat what you learn.

Trial and error is essential to progress

Failure is the fruit of success

Every little (English you learn everyday) helps



My Story(日本語)