出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

My name is Frisco and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

Originally from San Francisco, I have lived in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles in the United States. I have also visited Maine, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta and a few cities in the state of Michigan.

More recently, I worked as an English teacher in Seoul South Korea for approximately 6 years before coming to Kyoto to study business in the MBA program. I will graduate in September, and with luck I hope to start a business in Japan.

My hobbies include, but are not limited to, traveling, cooking, dancing, exercising and drinking with friends. I have great respect for anyone attempting to study English, and I look forward to an opportunity to make your process of learning to communicate fun and positive!



My Story(日本語)