出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Hello all, my name’s Garrity and I’m from Chicago, Illinois.

Do you know Illinois? We’re famous for soy beans, the great sport of Cornhole and our corrupt state-level politics. I’ve actually lived in a few different places, like China and South Korea. I also met Barack Obama when I was in High School, he is so tall!

I first moved to Japan in 2009 to study Japanese in Kobe, but eventually I moved to Osaka because of the great people and fun atmosphere. I’ve grown to love Dominos Deluxe Pizza and Sukiyaki. If you take my lesson, ask me about my favorite simulation strategy games, I am playing almost every day.

OEC is a fun place to work! Meeting new people is always exciting and the events are just the BEST! Make sure not to miss them!



My Story(日本語)