出身国: セルビア
担当言語: 英語・セルビア語

My Story(英語)

I am into travelling, exploring different cultures, and reading.

I fell in love with the Japanese culture since I first took the challenge of learning the language at my home university. Today, many years later, I am still fascinated by the culture and history of Japan and I enjoy exploring it and learning about it.

The first time I came in Japan more than 10 years ago, as an exchange student, when I spent a year studying in Tokyo. The experience of living in another country had an immense impact on me and changed me forever. I knew I had to come back again, which I did, back in 2012. I spent 4 years studying at the University of Tsukuba, where I obtained my PhD in International Studies.

I love teaching as well as talking to people and therefore English teaching was a natural choice. I am a keen language learner myself – aside from my mother tongue – Serbian, I have used English since early childhood, and additionally I am able to speak Russian and Japanese.

Finally, after 6 years of living in Kanto area, I wanted to experience life in Kansai area as well, and therefore I moved to Kobe a year ago. These days, I spend time talking to wonderful people at OEC and exploring Kansai. I look forward to talking to you, helping you improve your English, as well as hearing your opinions and recommendations about Japan and its magnificent culture.



My Story(日本語)