出身国: オーストラリア
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I've been interested in Japanese culture since as long as I can remember and have been studying Japanese since I was a high school student! When I was a child, I watched anime such as Kimba the White Lion, Hamtaro, and Pokémon! I have also played all the Pokémon games, so please talk to me about it!
I first visited Japan in 2015, and this is my 5th time here! I studied International Studies and Japanese in University and came to Kobe on a 10-month exchange and fell in love with Kansai! My dream is to work in a job that builds bridges between Australia and Japan.
Since I have been studying Japanese for 10 years, I understand the struggles of learning a completely different language and how challenging it can be. But I know that when there's a will, there's a way! Let's work together to break down the language barrier together!
I`m looking forward to working with you!



My Story(日本語)

はじめまして、リズです!子どもの頃から日本の文化に興味があり、高校生時代から日本語を勉強しています! 小さい頃、ジャングル大帝、ハム太郎、ポケモンなどのアニメを見ました。ポケモンのゲームも全部やりました!
私は日本語を10年間ぐらい勉強してきたので、まったく異なる言語を学ぶことの難しさを理解しています。だが意志があれば何でもできると信じています! 一緒に言葉の壁を乗り越えましょう!