出身国: フランス
担当言語: 英語・フランス語

My Story(英語)

Hi guys!

I’m Mana, 22years old and I’m from this little and beautiful country called France.

Do you know the “Provence”? Full of lavenders and amazing landscapes…Yes, that is my beloved hometown.

So why did I choose to leave it in order to come to Japan? To make that long story short : Japan is a fascinating country, with a good Literature and language.

My Japanese adventure actually started 4 years ago, when I came here for the 1st time, as an High school exchange student. At that time, I was living in Ikoma while going to school in Osaka. I learnt many things, including Japanese, but most of all I made very good friends here so I no longer wanted to go back home…But I had to.

So I studied Japanese at French university for 2 years and 3rd one I finally was given the opportunity to make a new exchange at Osaka Daigaku. This was the best year of my life so far.

One of the thing I love the most here is food. Especially deep and fatty tan tan men! I really enjoy it after drinking with friends. I’m also into konbini’s karaage and onigiri.

One of the thing I particularly hate here is katakana… Why Japanese people?Why?

Learning Japanese,as leaning a new language in general, isn’t something easy. Sometimes it seems so hard that you’d rather give up…But you should’t because it worth it. Knowing a new language means having new comprehension’s keys, letting you communicate and understand your own world and language better.

So, I wish you good luck and hope we could enjoy English together!



My Story(日本語)







日本の嫌いな事はカタカナです。Why Japanese people?Why?