出身国: スペイン
担当言語: 英語・スペイン語

My Story(英語)

Hello everyone! My name is Maria, and I come from Malaga, a small and beautiful city in the south of Spain. Do you know Picasso? He was also born in this city!

The main reason why I decided to come to Japan was because I was extremely curious about its pop culture and traditions. After having living in Paris and London for almost 2 years each, I went to Japan for the first time last March for research purposes. It was only for 2 weeks, but I completely fell in love with Japanese people and culture during that time. It is so different from my own culture that I needed to learn more about it! It was in that moment when I decided to come to live to Japan. Also, my research studies at my Spanish university are related to European and American comic translation. So I was curious about Japanese pop culture and I started to watch anime and read manga more often that I used to do before. And I got addicted to it!

So here I am. I am translator and interpreter, and I really love teaching foreign languages and meeting new and interesting people. I look forward to teaching you English and share experiences together!



My Story(日本語)