出身国: イギリス
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

I came to Japan in 2012 after working for a bank in England for 1 year after University. I always enjoyed history, and as for many foreigners coming to Japan, I wanted to see Temples in Kyoto. I decided to leave the bank and applied for a working holiday VISA so I could come to Japan for 1 year. Kyoto, however, is very expensive and it was difficult for me to find a good apartment for a cheap price. I had to look for other options so I decided to live in Sakurai city, the centre of Nara prefecture. Sakurai was very countryside, but the rent was cheap and the history that was nearby was amazing. Asuka, Yoshino, Tenri and of course Nara park just to name a few places are all 30 minutes away by train or bicycle.

My first year in Japan, I travelled to many historical places and even to this day my favourite prefecture is Nara for its relaxing atmosphere. When my working holiday VISA was nearly finished, I applied through OEC to stay in Japan and continue working and living in Japan (Now I live in Osaka city). I’m very happy that I changed from being a banker to becoming a teacher. I want to improve to help people travel and experience history in other parts of the world.

My life in Osaka now, is very different from a few years ago. I regularly watch Cerezo Osaka and speak more Japanese than I used to. I play futsal with friends at the weekends. The nightlife in Osaka is so good that you can often find me drinking in a bar around Kitashinchi (usually The Alex Bar) on most weeknights. I enjoy eating Japanese food and will try anything (Not Okura though, I don’t like the taste). I still go on history tours, my last one being to Himeji castle in Hyogo prefecture, the next tour is to Yamazaki whisky factory, important history to be seen there. If you have any suggestions to where I should go to next I’m always working in Umeda school so you know where I am.

Best moment: A friend’s wedding at Miwa shrine, Sakurai city. A beautiful autumn day in a beautiful place I know well.

Worst Moment: Cerezo relegated from J1 to J2 December 2014. Nagai stadium sounded like a library that day.



My Story(日本語)