出身国: スウェーデン
担当言語: 英語・スウェーデン語

My Story(英語)

After spending two years working in Sweden as a kindergarten and preschool teacher, I realized that I really missed my Japanese lifestyle, so I decided to come back to Japan.
Being born in Finland and raised in Sweden is great but my curiosity about other countries is greater and the reason why I fell in love with Japan two years ago, is because of its unique culture and history, the exciting lifestyle offering anything from outdoor activities such as camping, golf and hiking, to a lively nightlife with karaoke, izakaya’s, bars and restaurants with various kinds of food and drink experiences and combining these in your everyday life.

Apart from enjoying Japan, I love to travel, meet new people and learn about different ways of life, which is one of the reasons to why OEC is such a great place to work at, as I can meet new people and learn more about Japan.

One thing I don’t miss about Sweden is the cold and the dark days and some things I do miss is mulled wine, my dog and midsummer.



My Story(日本語)

日本に住んでいましたが、母国のウェーデンに戻りました。 スウェーデンでは、幼稚園の先生として働いていました。 でもやっぱり日本が恋しすぎて帰ってきた! たくさんの人と出会えるOECで働くのが大好きです! 一緒に英語を勉強しに来てください!