出身国: カナダ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Good day! I moved to Japan in December of 2018, but have visited the country two times previously. I got my passport when I was 19, and the very first country I wanted to see was Japan. Since then I have only been interested in returning here, so I decided to move here. I chose to move to Osaka for its great variety of delicious food, and because I have some family living here. It is my absolute favourite city in the world!

Since I was a young child the English language has always fascinated and amused me. My parents were always reading hours a day and teaching me interesting words, which inspired me to read and learn the most English possible. I believe English is the one of the most diverse and expressive languages in the world, and I feel very lucky to know it! There is almost nothing else I find more fun than sharing my passion and knowledge for the English language. I look forward to meeting you, and sharing my passion with you as well.



My Story(日本語)