出身国: フランス
担当言語: 英語・フランス語

My Story(英語)

Country of origin: France
I am into martial arts, hiking and ecology

Hey! I’m Quentin from France! I’m a doctor in engineering and I’m passionate about green energies and ecology.

I started practicing Judo when I was 7 and have been in love with the Japanese culture since then. Soon after I started reading manga (I am a huge fan of ONE PIECE), watching anime and Japanese movies (mostly Ghibli and Akira Kurosawa). When I started my studies my philosophy teacher introduced me to one of my favorite authors: Yukio Mishima. I discovered another aspect of Japanese society through his books and it made me even more curious about Japan.

Last year I finally decided to come to Japan to explore the country and learn Japanese. After practicing judo for 20 years and getting my first dan in France I now wish to improve my techniques in Japan. I’ve also practiced Kendo for 6 years and recently got my second dan. I hope to get the third one during my stay in Japan!

When I’m not teaching at OEC or in a dojo you can find me hiking in the beautiful mountains of Japan. I love to spend time in nature and Japan has a lot to offer in this matter! I especially love to find small temples and sanctuary while climbing mountains.

I love to talk about nature and ecology during my lessons and I hope I will soon have the opportunity to talk with you about it! See you soon!



My Story(日本語)