出身国: オランダ
担当言語: 英語・オランダ語

My Story(英語)


I worked in The Netherlands for Vodafone as a marketing manager in Haarlem, which is very close to Amsterdam. Life in the Netherlands is good, but a bit boring! I felt I wanted to see more of the world and experience life. After I graduated I traveled for 6 months all over East-Asia including an amazing 5 weeks in Japan. During my travels I noticed how speaking English helped me in so many ways! I decided to come back to Japan to help people that want to learn the language reach their own goals.
So, here I am! I came to Japan in the beginning of 2016, where I first worked in Chiba prefecture. However, Osaka was the first Japanese city I ever visited, and I simply love it. That’s why I moved here and I am now fully enjoying the Kansai life.

In Kansai I love the possibilities and convenience: in a small area there’s great food, beautiful history and culture, a vibrant music and art scene, and the most interesting people in Japan. I think Kansai matches perfectly with my interests: music, food, movies & TV shows, travel, modern & contemporary art, video games, and books & comics. I love talking about these things, so let’s share our passions! Please recommend me stuff!

Of course, I like languages as well. I now focus on Japanese. It is improving, but it takes a long time. This also helps me realize what English learners are going through. It’s a challenge, and motivation is key. I think one of the most important things is to have fun while learning or teaching a language. I hope you’ll have the same experience during my lessons at OEC!



My Story(日本語)