出身国: ルーマニア
担当言語: 日本語・ルーマニア語 ・英語

My Story(英語)

I have been a teacher of English for 7 years in Romania, so teaching English came somehow naturally. After teaching younger students back home, teaching mainly adults through conversation is exciting and interesting. I feel really lucky to teach English in Japan and have fun at the same time.

I became very interested in Japan since watching my first Ghibli animation: Ponyo. There was no turning back, I had to watch everything Ghibli, especially Miyazaki Hayao`s movies. I loved the landscapes and extremely cute characters as much as the creative plot and style.

Japan is very far from Romania so I imagined visiting it sometime in the distant future but pretty soon I had a great opportunity of coming to Japan in my summer holiday.
I visited the countryside of Niigata and Tokyo and was greatly amazed by absolutely everything. I found the culture fascinating and completely different from what I had experienced before. Every moment was a wonderful surprise.

Since that holiday 6 years ago, I`ve always wanted to come back so here I am eager to discover more.



My Story(日本語)