出身国: 日本人
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Hello! My name is Yuta.

My nationality is Japanese, but I have spent a significant part of my life overseas, growing up in New York, Minnesota, and Mexico City. Up until now, Japan has always been a place for visiting relatives and eating delicious foods, so it is very exciting to be back. I speak English, Spanish, and Japanese; feel free to talk to me in any of these languages!

My hobbies vary as I enjoy being both inside and outside. Some days, I’d feel sick for not being outside because of how beautiful it would be out, and others I’d close the curtains and watch a bunch of movies. I love playing sports, cycling, working out, eating, and watching movies. I feel that, while my hobbies may be relatively generic, I genuinely enjoy a very large variety of activities!

I love silly fun facts and hearing and learning about many things, so please pour your hearts out about your interests to me! I look forward to hearing your stories and meeting you!



My Story(日本語)