In Germany we have special tradition for New Year. Usually people have a big party on December 31. and everybody gets drunk and do firework. It’s very nice but sometimes feels a little bit like war and all the pets are very scared. But there’s a special food, that everybody loves. It’s called “Berliner” and looks like a doughnut.

Usually it’s filled with plum or strawberry jam and it’s very delicious. But there’s a prank people love to do. One of the “Berliner” is filled with very spicy mustard and nobody knows, which one it is. So while everybody is having fun and enjoying the food, one person will have the joy of biting in his or her “Berliner”, expecting sweetness, and will make a very disgusted face, when he or she tastes the mustard. So everybody else will laugh, while this person suffers and that’s what we call “Schadenfreude” in German. It’s the joy of seeing bad things happening to other people.