• 2019.10.31

    OEC Halloween party 2019!!

    Last Saturday Halloween party was a blast!!! We spent great time all together playing games and the costumes w […]

  • 2019.10.31

    Menbaka Fire Ramen

    Last weekend, I went to a ramen restaurant in Kyoto called Menbaka Fire Ramen (nearest station is Nijojo-mae S […]

  • 2019.10.30

    The University Experience in Japan

    A few months back, I nervously waited the announcement of who got accepted in the college of International Rel […]

  • 2019.10.24

    Arcade (Game Centre) Culture

    In 1978, Tomohiro Nishikado (西角 友宏) (a video game designer from Osaka) developed the most famous video game of […]

  • 2019.10.23


    With Halloween right around the corner, let’s look at some Japanese urban legends which students have told me […]

  • 2019.10.21

    My Katakana Problem

    Before I came to Japan, I never realised how many English words are used in Japan in day to day life. In most […]

  • 2019.10.17

    Guy Fawkes’ Night

    When thinking of fireworks, the first image that Japanese people have is of summer. Each year all over Japan, […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Haggis Alert!

    I hope you are all prepared for the typhoon approaching, and that you’ve filled your fridge with food and wate […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Taking Care Of Your Hair

    Hello all students! This is your teacher Hannah! Do you remember me? I’m from Australia! Did you know th […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Dotonbori Rugby

    So, last week (or was it already two weeks ago ???) I found myself at the Dotonbori canal after my shift and b […]