• 2021.07.13

    Wanderlust: On Holiday For Life

    The first time I took an airplane, I was 3 years old. My Mother took me to visit a family friend in Denmark. O […]

  • 2021.06.21

    Are you drinking enough water?

    As if staying sane, COVID-safe, maintaining one’s health physically, mentally, and spiritually, eating well an […]

  • 2021.06.06


    Since I was a child, I’ve never enjoyed watching TV. I much often prefer to read books. However, my taste in b […]

  • 2021.05.30

    Convenience Stores in Canada?

    Convenience stores are a huge part of daily life in Japan. You cant walk 5 minutes in the city without passing […]

  • 2021.05.23

    Apartment hunting in Japan

    I love looking at new apartments. In Japan, it is a lot more reasonably priced to live alone. Most apartments […]

  • 2021.05.10

    Golden Days – Stay at home studio

    Was it just me… or was Golden Week 2021 the shortest Golden week ever? I called it “The Golden Days” and […]

  • 2021.04.19

    Japan and USA: Go to the hospital

    I’ve been terrified of hospitals starting from a young age. Since we never went to the hospital unless i […]

  • 2021.04.12

    Games in Japan

    Playing games or being a gamer is a very different experience than in America. Mobile games and single player […]

  • 2021.04.04

    Over ripe bananas!

    I love fruit, especially in Japan as the fruit here is definitely more delicious than in England (albeit more […]

  • 2021.03.29

    Japanese Anime I love Part 1

    I am a self proclaimed Otaku. English people would call me a weeb, which is a derogatory slang word to mean a […]

  • 2021.03.22

    Spring in Vancouver

    With the weather warming up in Osaka it’s beginning to feel like spring is around the corner. Spring is […]

  • 2021.03.14

    Do German people drink beer every day?

    Very often people in Japan ask me if German people drink beer all the day every day. That’s one of the c […]

  • 2021.03.08


    Howdy-doody, Chalin here. As I wrote in my previous health related post, in the face of COVID-19, I`ve been lo […]

  • 2021.03.01

    How to become a couch potato: Netflix edition

    Hello, everyone! In these cold Winter days, who actually wants to leave the warmth of the kotatsu? Not me, tha […]

  • 2021.02.22

    Gigantic Yakisoba

    Hello again, it is your favourite foodie. As you may or may not know I am into strange, unusual food that are […]

  • 2021.02.15

    Hey, y’all

    Hey, y’all! I’m Manny, a teacher here at OEC who is from North Carolina. Have you ever been to Nor […]

  • 2021.02.15

    Strange English

    Being a native speaker, I rarely ever questioned the English language. It wasn’t until I came to Japan and beg […]

  • 2021.02.08

    Healthy Japanese Food

    With the pandemic dominating most our decisions these days, Its still so unknown what causes one to actually g […]

  • 2021.02.01

    New Japanese Driver in Formula 1

    Formula 1 fans across Japan are rejoicing as they will get their first Japanese driver in F1 since 2014. Yuki […]

  • 2021.01.25

    Baking in Japan

    Baking sweets in Japan can be annoying. Ingredients are often expensive and the ovens are tiny, but I try my b […]

  • 2021.01.22

    Must try Western food (You can find in Japan)

    I love Japanese food. However, from time to time there are small food items that I miss from the U.K that are […]

  • 2021.01.18

    Video Games

    Hello again! After last week’s skin care routine post, I thought I would do another favourite list. So t […]

  • イギリス出身 Phil先生 正面から撮影


    Cycling in Osaka

    Back in the 90’s, when I was a kid, I used to like cycling around my neighbourhood on my bike in Manchester. A […]

  • 2021.01.14


    In Germany we have special tradition for New Year. Usually people have a big party on December 31. and everybo […]

  • 2021.01.11

    Skin care!

    As many of you probably already know, I am obsessed with cosmetics and skin care! When I was a child I had ter […]

  • 2021.01.05


    Happy new year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful new year despite the craziness of 2020. This time las […]

  • 2020.10.13


    Obon is over and we’re all getting back into the swing of things. I used the break to spend some time in […]

  • 2020.01.14

    Popular TV shows

    Many students I’ve talked to really enjoy watching English language movies and tv shows. This is a great way t […]

  • 2019.12.26

    Sunday Funday

    The best day of the week, Sunday. No work, no plans, just me and my bike. I’m not sure how many people h […]

  • 2019.12.26

    A Grenadian Christmas Celebration

    Hi all. First time poster here! I am happy to share with you some of my family’s culture. Although I am […]

  • 2019.11.14

    Japanese Professional Wrestling

    If there’s one thing the Japanese people are known for, it’s their all or nothing attitude. Every Japanese per […]

  • 2019.10.31

    OEC Halloween party 2019!!

    Last Saturday Halloween party was a blast!!! We spent great time all together playing games and the costumes w […]

  • 2019.10.31

    Menbaka Fire Ramen

    Last weekend, I went to a ramen restaurant in Kyoto called Menbaka Fire Ramen (nearest station is Nijojo-mae S […]

  • 2019.10.30

    The University Experience in Japan

    A few months back, I nervously waited the announcement of who got accepted in the college of International Rel […]

  • 2019.10.24

    Arcade (Game Centre) Culture

    In 1978, Tomohiro Nishikado (西角 友宏) (a video game designer from Osaka) developed the most famous video game of […]

  • 2019.10.23


    With Halloween right around the corner, let’s look at some Japanese urban legends which students have told me […]

  • 2019.10.21

    My Katakana Problem

    Before I came to Japan, I never realised how many English words are used in Japan in day to day life. In most […]

  • 2019.10.17

    Guy Fawkes’ Night

    When thinking of fireworks, the first image that Japanese people have is of summer. Each year all over Japan, […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Haggis Alert!

    I hope you are all prepared for the typhoon approaching, and that you’ve filled your fridge with food and wate […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Taking Care Of Your Hair

    Hello all students! This is your teacher Hannah! Do you remember me? I’m from Australia! Did you know th […]

  • 2019.10.15

    Dotonbori Rugby

    So, last week (or was it already two weeks ago ???) I found myself at the Dotonbori canal after my shift and b […]