Video Games

Hello again!
After last week’s skin care routine post, I thought I would do another favourite list. So this week I want to look at my top 5 video games of all time! As many of you know, I am a HUGE otaku, and video games help me to relieve stress and even inspire me in many ways like my fashion for example. I’m not going to lie to you, this is going to be a list of RPGs as that’s pretty much all I play. So here are my top 5 favourite games of all time (In no order)

Kingdom Hearts II (Playstation)
An RPG which is an ambitious mix of Final fantasy and Disney that I think no one expected to work, but it does. This is actually the third game in the series despite the name, but honestly, I think the first two games are pretty so-so. This game BLEW MY MIND. It is important that you get through the first game to understand the story, (and though the beginning of the game can be tedious, it does get better). For me though, Kingdom hearts II never gets boring. The story of a young boy, Sora, who lives on a small Island with his two friends, as they dream of going to otherworlds. Using a mysterious weapon called the Keyblade, Sora travels to many Disney worlds to save them from darkness. Though some people can be put off by the Disney element being too childish, the story can sometimes get a little dark and often complicated making it great for adults too! Kingdom hearts is my favourite franchise of all time and I highly recommend it. It has been released on many consoles over the years but they are all available, remastered, on PS4.

Pokemon (Nintendo)
I have been playing Pokemon since the very first games so it is incredibly hard for me to choose just 1 of the games that is my favourite. I feel nostalgia when playing Pokemon Yellow, but I can’t say it’s the best of the franchise. I think my favourite ever is Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver (DS, but recently you can download on the 3DS)
Not only does it do the original gold and silver justice, it manages to improve upon it! Watching your little Pokemon follow you around is a joy, the gameplay is so long and doesn’t get boring! I love the recent Sword and shield games, they look so beautiful, but where it fails is where HGSS succeeds. Sword and Shield feel like the story is over before it’s even begun and there isn’t much of a challenge compared to the older games. If you haven’t already played HGSS, don’t be put off by the older graphics, give it a try!

The Elder scrolls V: Skyrim (Playstation)
I am not ashamed to admit that I have poured a lot of my time into this game and it was worth every second. Another game that is from a long line of games, but this one can be played by itself. It is another RPG (Surprise!) but i would consider it the king of RPGs.
The standard build your own character and fighting style. You choose your race (Orc, human, elf, etc.) and from there you choose how you want to fight. Big swords, daggers, bows, different kinds of magic. So many options, but it is not a decision that you’re stuck with, it can be incredibly fluid and changeable. I wish I could say I was more open minded but I always play a sneaky archer assassin. In Skyrim, you are a legendary hero who has the power to absorb the souls of dragons and use their powers for your own, which you must do in order to save the world. Hurray!
I cannot express how long you can play this game for. It is addictive, but i feel like my description is not doing it justice. Seriously. Play

Super smash Bros. (Nintendo)
Okay, I would like to admit something. I hate, no despise, Mario. I don’t know WHY, I just do. His stupid little face fills me with rage. That being said, I love super smash Bros. Is it solely because I can destroy Mario and his little friends with a pokemon character? Maybe. But the heart wants what the heart wants. The latest game ‘Super smash bros ultimate’ is a great edition to the franchise and every character ever in the series is available in this game. Am I good at it? No. Do I play it anyway? Hell yes! I love playing this game by myself, but i’ve heard that if you have friends, it’s also fun to play as a group! Perhaps I will find some friends to play with some day 😛

Digimon World (Playstation)
For me, video games based on a movie or TV show rarely works, but there are several Digimon games that are amazing. Maybe it is nostalgia or my love for the anime that is swaying me, but here we are.
The original Digimon world game was on PS1 so I would play it when i was a child, and let me tell you, THIS GAME WAS DIFFICULT, but oh so addictive. A few years ago a sequel (again, can be played without playing the original) was released for PS4 called Digimon world: Next order. This game looks visually beautiful especially compared to the original, without losing the same magic and storytelling. It’s basically a fleshed out story version of a virtual pet. You have to raise your digimon to be big and strong and fight! I think this game is better than Pokemon, but many would disagree with me.

And there it is, there is my incredibly RPG heavy list of favourite games! Let me know what your favourite games are during our next lesson!