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My Story(英語)

Some things that surprised me in Japan (by Miek)

When I first came to Japan, most things that I encountered in daily life made perfect sense to me. Many things were different from what I was used to, but all those things were better ! For example the stores are open late, open on Sundays etc., excellent! Most people dress in a very stylish way, young men have great hairstyles etc,, excellent! I really felt at home here right away, no trouble, no culture shock, perfect.

However, after a while I noticed two things that I still think are strange and which I would never tell my friends in Europe about. The first thing is cars with automatic transmission… In Europe everybody drives manual cars . When you learn to drive, nobody asks you: ‘Would you like to learn manual or automatic?’ No, no. Manual is the default. I guess if a very elderly person wants to learn to drive there are special schools with automatic cars, but I have never heard of such a school.

We in Europe know that Americans drive automatic cars, but we think that is strange and not cool. We also think that it is a waste to outfit a cool, fast car with an automatic transmission. An automatic sports car, what’s the point? But that people in Japan, my stylish and cool Japan, drive automatic cars was a big shock for me. Sigh.

Now for the second point. This should interest especially you, students of English and other foreign languages… In the North of Europe, I mean Holland and Scandinavia etc, foreign movies are always broadcast in their original language with Swedish or Dutch etc. subtitles. We think this is normal, the way it should be. We know that in some other countries, for example France, movies are dubbed in the local language. We think that is weird. We prefer the original language, always.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that in Japan the movies are in Japanese… Shock. I know, I know, you can easily change the audio channel to English, but the default is still Japanese. What a shame… Don’t you want to hear for example a Spanish movie in Spanish? What’s the point if it is not in Spanish…?

I hope you don’t feel offended and that you can understand my feelings at least a little. Although there are some automatic cars available for rent there, I recommend that you get a shift stick license and try to cruise around Europe in a real car! Have fun!



My Story(日本語)