出身国: アメリカ
担当言語: 英語

My Story(英語)

Hi, I’m Tino!

I am originally from sunny-side Southern California; the land of discolored palm trees, year-round weather, beautiful wide beaches, Hollywood, and thick smog hovering our skyscrapers; yup, I’m from Los Angeles (So-Cal). And yes, it’s true, our smog is really bad that it blocks the Hollywood sign and scenic mountains.

I made the bold move to come to Japan about five years ago to start another chapter in my life. Having a background in architecture and social science, I never envisioned myself teaching English in Japan, let alone living for here for several years. But after the first year passed, I realized Osaka was a good place to call home. My favorite part of Osaka is the food. Any new restaurant I visit is an instant favorite. Ironically, it seems harder to find a bad restaurant than it is finding a good one.

But enough about me, I want to get to know you! You can find me mostly in the evenings and Saturdays at OEC. Out of the several eikawas I taught, OEC is by far the most fun environment. Our students are on another level and I’m so pleased to partake in such growth. So, let’s have a great time speaking in English, exchanging cultural differences, and learning as much as we can so we can engage in a productive dialogue.

See you soon!



My Story(日本語)

はい、ロサンゼルスから来ました! 日本に来ましたが、心はずっとロス人です!(笑)
僕のことはもう十分ですが、あなたのことをもっと知りたいです! OECに来て、話を聞かせてください!