My experience with Japanese women has always been a positive one. Basically one thing that I really notice about Japanese women in comparison to Western women, is their pure lack of selfishness. I like the way Japanese women put others before themselves. Let me explain.

I must first state that I have nothing against Western women at all, this is not the point of this writing. But what I notice about Japanese women is that they don’t often talk about themselves. I notice that they rarely use the word “I” or “I want” – this really stood out to me when I first arrived on these shores.

I suppose this matches my personality a bit more and one of the reasons why I get along very well with quite a lot of Japanese women and the reason why a lot of my close friends in my life are Japanese women.

I really don’t get along very well with people who just talk about themselves a lot and I rarely find this with Japanese women. They put others before themselves and are curious about the people around them, making sure everyone else is happy rather than rattling on about what they did yesterday or their plans for their future.

Of course there are other reasons why I am fond of the ladies here in this country. Japanese women tend to take care of themselves more in a physical sense; Always looking after their bodies so they age better, and eating healthy food (most of the time!) They seem to keep a certain elegance while at the same time going about enjoying their lives.

When it comes to physically attraction, well I guess it depends on the person but I must say I have always been attracted to women in this country. While I`m not a big fan of “kawaii” or “cute” women and the culture, I do see lots of women here that are naturally beautiful and fit into my type of women bracket.

The way women dress here in Japan is also something I really care for. Women here dress up for any occasion. Whether going on a shopping trip or going out for dinner, women always make sure they are looking good and dressed up which is something you don’t really notice until you go abroad and then come back here. You often see women here that look so much younger than their actually age. I always have to be so careful when someone asks me how old I think they are! I always guess 5 years younger to keep myself out of trouble!

I have travelled to a lot of countries and enjoy various aspects of women from everywhere I go, but I think that the women in this country suit me the most. Just take a walk outside and you will see what I mean. I consider myself a lucky man.



西洋の女性と比べて、私が日本人女性の中に見出すのは、自分勝手じゃないって事です。他を(他人を)優先する日本人女性の性格が大好きです。 説明しますね。















少し町を歩けば行っている意味がお分かり頂けると思います。私はlucky manです。

he Advantages of Japanese Girls vs American Girls

I prefer Japanese girls to American girls for primarily three reasons. I believe that Japanese girls are (1) physically more attractive, (2) usually have a personality more compatible with mine, and (3) have more in common with me. Based on my personal experience, the only real negative thing I can say about Japanese girls is that they have a tendency to grow very attached to you. I must admit, however, that I have never dated an American girl, so perhaps my tastes are only the result of a lack of experience.

I prefer cuteness over sexiness when it comes to a girl’s appearance, and this is one aspect where Japanese girls excel. The face and actions of many Japanese girls is cute in a way few Westerners are. While Americans and Europeans excel at being beautiful and sexy, there seem to be fewer girls capable of being cute. I also love the fashion sense of most Japanese, which really resonates with me.

In dating, I have found that Japanese girls are very kind and caring but not afraid to speak out when they feel you have done something wrong. While there are sometimes cultural misunderstandings, in most cases it is possible to talk something out. Finally, Japanese girls seem to be more feminine than American girls which I appreciate.

I love Japanese culture. In particular I like Japanese comics, music, and animation. Unfortunately, most Americans know little about these topics so I have trouble finding people I have interests in common with. In Japan, most people know at least a little about all of these things, so it is easy to find someone I can enjoy talking to. In this way, a relationship with a Japanese girl can be more fulfilling and fun.



  1. 私は日本の女の子が身体的により魅力的であると思っています
  2. 分かり合えるところが多い
  3. 私のキャラにより近い















Why are Japanese women popular among foreign men?

It is difficult to deny that Japanese women have become increasingly popular among foreign men. While many guys come to Japan to learn about Japanese culture, many of them also come to meet Japanese girls.

As it is quite a complicated matter, there are no simple answers to this question. However, there are certain tendencies that are evident. One of these is of course the attraction to the slimness and petite stature of Japanese women. Certain men enjoy smaller women as it creates a bigger gap between the feminine and the masculine.

Other people are just generally interested in dating someone with a different culture than their own, and because Japan has such a rich culture this culture gap becomes quite appealing to many men.

Last but not least, the image of Japanese women as capable homemakers is highly attractive to foreign men from countries with fewer and fewer housewives. Most men love home-cooked meals, which many men think Japanese women can provide for them. Japanese women are also seen as more inclined to freely display their emotions, which in turn can be seen as caring and warm.

All in all, I believe Japanese women are appealing to foreign guys due to them being different from their foreign counterparts.